my shoes keeps feeling heavier

I owe them my life

I wouldn’t wanna feel miserable all the time anymore.

Im sick of it.

Its as if im lead to live a life getting ran over by waves of shit.

Thought I knew. But now I know how fucking nasty this world is.

I pity idealistic people, especially the younger ones. Ones who get too happy due to false hope, that all will go as they wished it to be.

Just as things were turning around, it twists… you get hit by situations you do not expect, the sort that you wouldn’t wanna accept.


Makusog daa ang buot. Madali nako makapay. Dae makauntok. Dae maka turog. Fucksake

Putang buhay ni




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little kids smoking.  natural spring.

Hmm panu mo daw kami natios pirang taon, padangat taka pero dae taka maintindihan. Dae lng ako ako makaturog sa harong ning 2 aldaw grabe ma kapungawan ko sa tugang ko.

certain situations makes you conclude how fucking shit life can be most of the time

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(via astrid-mi)